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Zipper Parts

Needles & Pins

Seam Rippers

 Hand Sewing Needles

4 Part Snaps & Snap Plier Tool

Seam Bindings


1/4" & 1/2" Double Sided Sticky Tape for Leather
Stitch witchery

Specialty Threads
Super Strong Threads for Seat and
Jeans Patching - Button Threads
Jean Top stitching thread

NEW: Top stitch thread
for Designer Jean colors

 Sew-On Wigan
Non-Fusible Sew-On Interfacing

Gütermann Thread
View the COLOR CHART for
ALL 360 Thread Colors!

Wiss Scissors
Dressmaker Shears
High Quality Shears & Clippers

 Thread Assortment Starter Kits

Irons and

Tuxedo Buttons
Suit & Top Coat Buttons
Plain Metal Blazer Buttons
Monogrammed Blazer Buttons
Buttons for Suspenders & Jeans


Overalls Buckles
Gold & Silver Colors

Nickel Thimbles
Open & Closed End

Shoulder Pads

and Fasteners

Metal Jean Buttons - Toggle Locks
Adjustable Waistband Sliders

Knit Bandings 
Cuffs - Collars - Waistbanding
Heavy Duty & Light Weight

Dress Forms &

Collar Stays

Bra Cups &
Sew-in Bras


Rulers & Measures
Dritz Tape Measures
Variform Curve & Cuff Rulers

Alteration Tags

Waist Banding
& Grippers

Plastic Adjustable Waistband Sliders
        Snugtex Belting   

Colored & foiled lambskin
Hornback & Hornback-suede combination Hides
1 LB. grab bag
ordering swatch colors

Monogrammed Blazer Buttons

Sewing Machine Parts
Bobbins,  Presser Feet, Invisible Zipper Foot,
Electric Foot Control, and More!

The Bottom Drawer
Sale & Discount Items

Sewing Accessories & Tools
Bent Serger Tweezers,
Thread Clips & Speed Cutters
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